PinExt Training

The awesome thing about fitness is that there are no rules at all. As long as you find something you like to do that gets your heart rate up for awhile and you do it a few times a week, every week, you are doing the fitness thing.

It doesn’t have to be inside a gym, it doesn’t have to be on a sports team, and it doesn’t have to be tedious.

My goal is to help you get excited about fitness and ENJOY doing it! I have a client who doesn’t really like working out with weights or cardio at the gym but she likes to dance to music by her favorite Asian hip hop band. So during our training sessions, we plug in her ipod in our group x studio and we dance to her music during her sessions while holding light weights! It works for her and she is now dancing at home a few times a week and is finally making progress towards her weight loss goals because she feels better so she eats better so she exercises more because she feels better. It may be totally different than what’s worked for all my other clients but all that matters is it WORKS FOR HER and she enjoys it!

Find what works for you. Try as many different training styles and methods as you can. Walking, jogging, and body weight resistance training are totally free and require no equipment whatsoever. If you join a gym, try every single group fitness class they offer, you might just be surprised at which ones you really like.

Most importantly, be consistent with it! That is the simple key to success that we see time and time again in this business. Commit to a number of days you will work out per week and DO IT.